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Bald Eagle at Semiahmoo

Here are a few shots of a Bald Eagle that I recently photographed at the Semiahmoo Spit. It’s always great to to get some close-ups of these magnificent birds (with a telephoto lens of course.) […]


Long-tailed Ducks at Semiahmoo

Male Long-tailed Duck I particularly enjoy photographing ducks and other water birds. Of the many birds I photograph, Long-tailed Ducks are one of my favorites. The nonbreeding winter plumage of the male Long-tailed Duck is […]


Birds at Semiahmoo Spit

The Semiahmoo Spit in Northwest Washington is about as close as you can get to Canada without being in Canada. It’s also a a fantastic place for winter bird watching and photography. Here are some […]


Short-eared Owl Photo Shoot

Perching Short-eared Owl I have been fortunate to photograph Short-eared Owls for many winters at a location near Stanwood, Washington. These are some of my favorite birds to photograph and I was disappointed last winter […]