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Posing Purple Martin

Purple Martin on Edmonds Waterfront This posing Purple Martin is part of a Martin colony on the waterfront near my home in Edmonds, Washington. These large (I believe they are the largest in North America) […]


Barred Owl Profile

Barred Owl Finding a cooperative Barred Owl (or any owl for that matter) to photograph is always special. So whenever I’m in the local parks with my camera I’m always on the lookout, as Barred […]


Tufted Puffins at Cannon Beach

Tufted Puffins on Haystack Rock Tufted Puffins are one of the birds I have wanted to see and photograph in the wild. You can find them off the coast of Washington not too far from […]


Bald Eagle at Semiahmoo

Here are a few shots of a Bald Eagle that I recently photographed at the Semiahmoo Spit. It’s always great to to get some close-ups of these magnificent birds (with a telephoto lens of course.) […]