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Edmonds November Birds

This post includes November bird photos from the Edmonds waterfront and marsh and Pine Ridge Park, and a quick commercial. If you’re looking for holiday gifts for bird lovers, some of my local bird photographs […]


Edmonds Early Winter Wildlife

This post includes some photographs taken over the last few weeks on the waterfront in Edmonds, Washington. Although I’m typically looking for birds to photograph, like the Bald Eagle in the photo above, there are […]


Edmonds Waterfront Spring Birds

I took a quick tour of the waterfront in my hometown of Edmonds, Washington, earlier this week and found some great birds. I have been trying to get a decent photo of a Harlequin Duck […]


Puget Sound Bird Fest

If you are interested in birding in general or bird photography, be sure to check out the Puget Sound Bird Fest this coming weekend, Friday, September 5th through Sunday, September 7th, in Edmonds, Washington.  I […]