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Great Blue Heron at Juanita Bay Park

Juanita Bay Park on Lake Washington in Kirkland, Washington, is a great place for birdwatching and bird photography. On a recent morning, this Great Blue Heron seemed to be posing for me very close to […]


Union Bay Wood Ducks

A couple shots of a female Wood Duck and a baby Wood Duck taken at Union Bay on Lake Washington in Seattle, Washington. Male Wood Ducks are more impressive looking than females (see photo at […]


Turtle Reflection

A turtle on a rock reflected in Lake Washington while another turtle swims up from behind.


American Coot on Lake Washington

Click to See Larger Image An American Coot catching some sun in Juanita Bay on Lake Washington in Kirkland Washington.  These birds often hang out with ducks, but are actually not a type of duck.  […]