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Skagit Swans and Snow Geese

My last post contained a number of shots of Snow Geese from the Skagit Wildlife Area on Fir Island in the Skagit Valley. I returned to Fir Island several times since I took those photos, […]


Skagit Valley Snow Geese

Tens of thousands of Snow Geese spend the winter in the Skagit Valley in Northwest Washington state. The sight and sounds of 20,000 geese taking to the air is unbelievable, and I try to make […]


Frenzy of Snow Geese

While photographing the comings and goings of a large flock of Snow Geese on Fir Island in northwest Washington, the entire flock suddenly took to the sky when a hunter walked out onto the field.  […]


Northern Saw-whet Owl and Snow Geese At Reifel Bird Sanctuary

A previous story on the website detailed a December visit that I took to the amazing George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta, British Columbia, and included photos of Sandhill Cranes.  During this same trip […]