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Edmonds November Birds

This post includes November bird photos from the Edmonds waterfront and marsh and Pine Ridge Park, and a quick commercial. If you’re looking for holiday gifts for bird lovers, some of my local bird photographs […]


Snowy Owl Visits Edmonds, Washington

A Snowy Owl has been visiting the waterfront here in Edmonds, Washington, this week.  This post includes  a few pictures I took of the owl from the fishing pier at the marina. The owl was […]


More Snowy Owls – Stillaguamish River near Stanwood, WA

Click Photos to See Larger Image As I have become involved in wildlife photography, one of my favorite subjects to photograph have been Snowy Owls.  It is extremely lucky that the last two years have […]


Another Snowy Owl Encounter In Edmonds, Washington

A story that was published on the website in late November included some photographs of and a story about my encounter with a Snowy Owl that visited my town of Edmonds, Washington – spending several […]