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Short-eared Owl Photo Shoot

Perching Short-eared Owl I have been fortunate to photograph Short-eared Owls for many winters at a location near Stanwood, Washington. These are some of my favorite birds to photograph and I was disappointed last winter […]


Resting Long-eared Owl

My previous two posts featured Short-eared Owls – owls that are active during the day and hence fairly easy to locate and photograph.  The owl in this post is a Long-eared Owl.  These owls hunt […]


Winter Short-eared Owl Season in Western Washington

According to my bird watching bible, “The Sibley Guide To Birds,” there are nineteen species of owls that are native to North America.  This includes the Short-eared Owl, which is one of the more common […]


Short-eared Owl Stare Down

Click on the photo to see larger image. I love photographing owls – they have to be absolutely some of the most interesting and photogenic birds.  Great facial expressions.  I recently took this photo of […]