Great-horned Owl Owlets
Two Great-horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) babies (owlets) in a moss-covered tree in Woodway, Washington. Photograph by Michael McAuliffe.

Great-horned Owl Owlets

I have been watching two Great-horned Owl owlets grow up over the last few weeks. What an experience! The owls have grown quickly and have now ventured out of their nest. This photo is of the two owlets posing together on a branch about 10-feet above the nest where they started. Hopefully I’ll get a few more chances to photograph the owls before they learn to fly and head out for good.

Stay tuned for some more photographs of these very cute Great-horned Owl owlets!

You can find this photo and some of my other bird photos in my photo archive on PhotoShelter along with information about canvas and metal prints of any of my photographs.

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