Myrtle Falls Sunrise at Mount Rainier
Gorgeous pink color on Mount Rainier at sunrise with Myrtle Falls in the foreground. Photo by Michael McAuliffe

Myrtle Falls Sunrise at Mount Rainier

One of my favorite photographs from a photography trip last week was this shot of a Myrtle Falls sunrise at Mount Rainier. Myrtle Falls is a great photography subject that’s only a half-mile hike from the Paradise Visitor Center on a paved trail. By arriving before sunrise I was able to setup my camera to catch amazing sunrise light and colors on the mountain that were only there for a few minutes.

If you’re not into getting going that early, the light on the falls is good for photography for much of the morning. Later in the day (mid-day and after) the light is too harsh for good photographs although sunset can be good too. However, getting up there early is one way to beat the crowds that invariably show up during the summer! So if you can get up early enough, shoot for a Myrtle Falls sunrise at Mount Rainier!

You can find a gallery of some of my other Mount Rainier photos here. Shoot me an email if you see something you like – all of these photos are available as paper, metal or canvas prints.

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