Tioga Road and Pass

Mountains View From Tioga Pass
Mountains From Tioga Pass

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During a trip to Yosemite National Park earlier this summer one of my favorite locations was the  Tioga Road and Tioga Pass, the highest pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  At almost 10,000 feet, there are a variety of interesting views of alpine scenery from the area around the pass, as well as from various locations on the Tioga Road as it climbs out of the Yosemite Valley towards the pass.

Half Dome from Olmsted Point
Half Dome from Olmsted Point

One interesting view along the Tioga Road is from Olmsted Point.  As shown in the photograph above, you get a really interesting view of the back side of Half Dome from the viewpoint at Olmsted Point.  Most of the iconic photos that you see of Half Dome are of its sheer face as seen from the Yosemite Valley, so I enjoyed getting the chance to photograph this magnificent granite dome it from the other side.

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