Photograph Paradise

A view of the Tatoosh Range from a trail at Paradise on Mount Rainier.
Tatoosh Range from Paradise Trails

The Paradise area at Mount Rainier National Park is one of my favorite places to visit and photograph. With a short hike from the Visitor Center you truly can photograph paradise in this alpine wonderland that’s like being in the Alps. Even when the mountain isn’t out, as was the case during my visit a few weeks ago, there are often great views in other directions.

Mount Rainier was hidden in a thick bank of clouds so I had to “settle” for this view of the Tatoosh mountain range to the south of the park. The early July Sunday morning was peaceful and quiet without many people around and there were more Hoary Marmots on the trail than human hikers. That changed by mid-morning when the crowds arrived, demonstrating that you have to get out early, especially on weekends, to avoid summer crowds at the park.It was disappointing not to get some shots of Mount Rainier but I’ll be back later in the summer and hopefully the mountain will be out!

Check back later for some more discussion of what else you can see when you photograph Paradise at Mount Rainier.

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