Mount Rainier: Paradise Autumn Colors

Fall colors at Paradise on Mount Rainier.
Fall Colors at Paradise

Fall come early at higher elevations, and the fall foliage and colors were already on full display last week at Mount Rainier. It’s easy to see why the Paradise Visitor Center in Mount Rainier National Park–only a two and a half hour drive from Seattle–is one of the most visited areas in the park. I was blessed with amazing weather on the cloudless day I visited and can’t imagine a better place to spend a day of photography or just being outside!

Edith Creek at Mount Rainier National Park.
Edith Creek and Mount Rainier

Myrtle Falls, and Edith Creek which is feeds the falls,  is one of my favorite spots at Paradise. An easy half mile walk on a paved path brings you a series of breathtaking nature views like the one above of Edith Creek with Mount Rainier in the background.

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