Seahawk (Osprey) Over Edmonds

An Osprey flies over the waterfront in Edmonds, WAashington
Osprey over Edmonds, Washington Waterfront

I had been trying to get a close picture of an Osprey all summer without any luck – whenever I would see one close by I wouldn’t have my camera with me, and when I went out looking for one with my camera, either I wouldn’t find one or I would find one and it would be so far out over the water that I wasn’t going to get a good shot.  My luck changed one night last week.  I had been out taking pictures of birds on the Edmonds, Washington waterfront and pretty much wasn’t seeing anything other than gulls.  Then much to my surprise, just as I was getting into my car with my camera to head home, the Osprey in the photo above flew directly overhead and I was able to get a few shots of the magnificent bird!

It turns out that one of the nicknames for the Osprey is Seahawk – an appropriate nickname here in the Seattle area.  Go Hawks!

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