Long Beach Peninsula Birds

The Long Beach Peninsula on the Washington coast is a great place for an ocean getaway. There are a number of places for great bird watching and photography and with the spring migration underway it’s a good time of year to find some interesting birds to photograph. The birds in this post are pretty common – I’ll follow up in a subsequent post with some more interesting avian subjects.

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean at Long Beach, Washington.
Sunset Over the Pacific Ocean

There are lots of gulls on the beach – you don’t have to travel far from your hotel to find large flocks to photograph.  Maybe not the favorite subject for most birdwatchers but at least they are a bit more interesting in the spring when they are sporting their breeding plumage.

A Ring-billed Gull on the beach at Long Beach, Washingtion.
A Ring-billed Gull

Sparrows can also be a bit on the boring side – sometimes lumped into the category of LBJ, which is short for “little brown jobs.” This White-crowned sparrow certainly doesn’t fall into that group. The black and white racing stripes on its head make it easy to identify and a fun bird to spot.

A White-crowned Sparrow near the beach at Long Beach, Washington.
A White-crowned Sparrow

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