B-17G Sentimental Journey at Paine Field

Cockpit of B-17 Sentimental Journey
Sentimental Journey Cockpit

One of my favorite airplanes is the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, and one of my favorite B-17 aircraft is “Sentimental Journey,” displayed and operated by the Commemorative Air Force in Mesa, Arizona. I photographed Sentimental Journey last November at the museum in Mesa where it is displayed, and published some photographs of the plane on the ground in earlier blog entries: B-17G Sentimental Journey and  B-17 Sentimental Journey At Sunrise.

Last week, Sentimental Journey visited the Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field in Everett, Washington, near my home, and I had the opportunity to tour the interior of the aircraft for the first time and take some interior photos.  The photo above is a shot of the cockpit.

B-17 Sentimental Journey overhead.
B-17G Sentimental Journey Overhead.

The day that I toured the aircraft a TV crew went out for a flight, and I took the photograph above of the plane flying over the airfield. What a beautiful airplane!

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