Seattle Arboretum Fall Colors

A photo of the fall colors at Seattle's Washington Park Arboretum
Fall Color at Washington Park Arboretum

The fall colors have been amazing in the Pacific Northwest this fall, as demonstrated by these recent photos from Seattle’s Washington Park Arboretum.

I read a recent KOMO News article that explained why the colors are more brilliant this year than many others–we had just the right combination of sunlight, temperature and soil moisture–but regardless of the reason it has been a great year to photograph the local vegetation as it transitions to winter. You can find some more of my fall shots from Mount Rainier on an earlier blog post.

Fall colors at Seattle's Washington Park Arboretum.
Pacific Northwest Fall Color

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I’m interested in fall print for instance the Seattle Arboretum. I need the print for a rather large wall in my dining room. I would like the print to be just foliage, rather than let’s say people or structures. Do you have any that are available for sale? I want the photo to capture as much of the orange, yellows and gold foliage colors as possible.
    Thank you very much!
    Trisha Smith

    1. Hi Trisha. Sorry for the delayed response–I was traveling and missed your comment on the website. I just sent you an email with some information. Thanks, Mike.

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