Great Blue Heron Nest at Edmonds Marsh

Great Blue Heron Nest at the Willow Creek Fish Hatchery near Edmonds marsh.
Great Blue Heron Nest

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Great Blue Herons can frequently be seen in the Edmonds Marsh from the boardwalk and trails that surround the marsh.  Sometimes as many as ten or eleven herons can be seen at one time resting, feeding or jousting in the marsh.

Behind the marsh to the south is an area that contains tall trees where the herons used to nest, although I am told that for the last few years the herons have not succeeded in nesting in this area as there are now several bald eagles that reside in the trees above the nesting area.  This year the herons have tried to get sneaky though and have built a nest deeper in the woods in a more protected area .  Hopefully in this more protected area the herons will be able to raise their young without interference from the eagles.

I was walking along a creek near the marsh a few days ago and happened upon one of the herons sitting on a new nest, as shown in the picture at the beginning of this post. Please know that I did not get very close to the nest – the picture was taken from quite a distance away with a telephoto lens and then enlarged some more on the computer.  Although I made a point of not getting too close to the nest, imagine my surprise when a second heron flew down and landed in the creek I was walking, no more than thirty feet away from me!  I snapped a few pictures of the heron, including the picture below, before backing away and leaving the bird in peace.

Great Blue Heron at Willow Creek Hatchery.
Great Blue Heron Sizing Me Up
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