More Snowy Owls – Stillaguamish River near Stanwood, WA

Snowy Owl at Eide Road near Stanwood, WA.
Snowy Owl Resting on Driftwood

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As I have become involved in wildlife photography, one of my favorite subjects to photograph have been Snowy Owls.  It is extremely lucky that the last two years have been irruption years that have brought Snowy Owls southward from the arctic to winter in Washington state and southern British Columbia, and this year alone I have been able to photograph Snowy Owls in three different places.

Just last week I photographed Snowy Owls again on the banks of the Stillaguamish River off of Eide Road near Stanwood, WA.  There were four owls resting on the driftwood, three of them on the Eide Road side of the river and another on the other side of the river.  I’m a little bit surprised that these owls are still here given that it was almost April last week when I photographed them, but I would imagine they will be heading back north very soon.

Snowy Owl in flight.
Snowy Owl Flyby

It has been wonderful to have the Snowy Owls around the last two years and I hope that they have a safe journey back to the north when they get ready to head home!

Two Snowy Owls on a log.
Arctic Visitors
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