Gearhart Oregon Elk

On a recent trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon, with my wife we encountered a large herd of more than 50 elk that have taken over the downtown area of the nearby town of Gearhart.  The elk herd showed up in January, and although it is apparently not uncommon to see elk near the town in the winter time, when they come down to lower elevations looking for food, the herd does not normally take over the downtown area like they have this year.

An elk in Gearhart, Oregon that got tangled up in some Christmas lights.
Elk with Xmas Lights

I felt a bit sorry for the elk in the picture above – he appears to have gotten himself tangled up in some Christmas lights, likely while foraging in someones yard.  All set for Christmas next year I guess – maybe he aspires to be a reindeer rather than an elk.

Two elk resting in the downtown area of Gearhart, Oregon.
Elk Taking a Break in Gearhart, Oregon

The elk in the photo below don’t appear to be too concerned that the Art Gallery is closed.  It was a Sunday after all.

Elk in front of an art gallery in Gearhart, Oregon.
Elk at the Art Gallery
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