Snowy Owl Visits Edmonds, Washington

A Snowy Owl on the breakwater at th marina in Edmonds, Washington.
Snowy Owl on Edmonds Marina Breakwater

A Snowy Owl has been visiting the waterfront here in Edmonds, Washington, this week.  This post includes  a few pictures I took of the owl from the fishing pier at the marina.

The owl was spending most of its time just sitting on the Edmonds Marina breakwater. However, during the time that I was observing it, it took flight from the breakwater several times and flew out over the Puget Sound, returning back to the breakwater on each occasion.  The photo below shows the bird returning to the breakwater after a flight.

A Snowy Owl in flight over the Puget Sound.  Photo taken from the fishing pier in Edmonds, Washington.
Snowy Owl in Flight

Below is another photo of the owl being harassed by a crow.  Several crows spent quite a bit of time sitting on the breakwater near the owl, then periodically flying around and dive bombing the owl.

A Snowy Owl being harassed by a crow on the breakwater at the marina in Edmonds, Washington.
Snowy Owl Harassed by a Crow

Two years ago another Snowy Owl  visited Edmonds at almost exactly the same time of year (only a few days later) and spent several days on the same breakwater.  Here are some photos from that Snowy Owl visit to Edmonds.

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