Snowy Owl Photographs
Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl Photographs

I have had the good fortune to take Snowy Owl photographs six or seven times and never get tired of photographing these birds. The beautiful owls are rare visitors to the Pacific Northwest so every time I hear of one in the area I’m on the hunt.

These photos are of a Snowy Owl that has been visiting the Queen Anne Hill neighborhood in Seattle, WA, for over a month. The owl has been spending the day on several roofs in the neighborhood then heads out to hunt in the evening. I visited the area last week on a rare sunny and non-rainy Seattle winter day and located the owl.

A Snowy Owl with piercing yellow eyes in Seattle, Washington.
Snowy Owl’s Piercing Yellow Eyes.

Snowy Owls are truly beautiful birds. Their piercing yellow eyes are in stark contrast to their snowy white feathers. As you can see in the photo above they also have sharp talons that an unfortunate mouse, lemming or squirrel wouldn’t want to meet.

Every few years one of these magnificent owls crosses my path and my Snowy Owl photographs are the highlight of my winter bird photography. This owl was no exception!

Photos taken with a Nikon D500 camera and Nikon 500 mm f5.6E PF lens.

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