Edmonds November Birds

This post includes November bird photos from the Edmonds waterfront and marsh and Pine Ridge Park, and a quick commercial.

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This male Ring-necked Duck was swimming across Goodhope Pond at Pine Ridge Park. The ducks are called ring-necked because of the cinnamon-brown ring of feathers on their necks, which are normally hard to see. A few of those feathers are visible on the front of this duck’s neck.

A male Ring-necked Duck at Pine Ridge Park in Edmonds, Washington.
Male Ring-necked Duck

Below is a shot of a female Ring-necked Duck, also taken at Pine Ridge Park. As with many birds, female Ring-necked ducks aren’t as colorful as their male counterparts.

A female Ring-necked Duck at Pine Ridge Park in Edmonds, Washington.
Female Ring-necked Duck

This Horned Grebe was one of many swimming near Brackett’s Landing last week. These are one of my favorite water birds, partly because of their intense red eyes.

A Horned Grebe at Brackett's Landing in Edmonds, Washington.
Horned Grebe

Black Turnstones aren’t common on the Edmonds waterfront, with one or two of them making an appearance a time or two a year. This Turnstone was sitting on the breakwater rocks in the Edmonds Marina a few weeks ago.

A Black Turnstone on the breakwater at the marina in Edmonds, Washington.
Black Turnstone

This Great Blue Heron posed for quite a long time not far from the boardwalk at the Edmonds marsh. With so many of these herons in the area, it’s easy to take them for granted, but they are fascinating birds.

A Great Blue Heron at the marsh in Edmonds, Washington.
Great Blue Heron

This Double-crested Cormorant was fishing just off of the jetty at Brackett’s Landing.

A Double-crested Cormorant on the waterfront in Edmonds, Washington.
Double-crested Cormorant

This little Song Sparrow found one remaining leaf on a bush near the boardwalk at the Edmonds marsh.

A Song Sparrow at the marsh in Edmonds, Washington.
Song Sparrow

Unfortunately, this Snowy Owl photograph from the Edmonds waterfront isn’t from this year. I took this photo in November 2012, and added it to this post because it’s one of my favorite bird photos from Edmonds.

A Snowy Owl on the waterfront in Edmonds, Washington.
Snowy Owl

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