Yellowstone Pronghorn

A Pronghorn Buck in Gardiner Montana
A Pronghorn Buck Near Yellowstone

One of my favorite animals seen during a Yellowstone trip last fall was this Pronghorn.  Although sometimes called a Pronghorn Antelope, these interesting animals are actually not antelopes.

My sister Kathy and I drove out a gravel road in Gardiner Montana in the early evening because I had heard that Pronghorn could be found on this road.  (Gardiner is the town where the northwest entrance to Yellowstone National Park is located.)  After driving out several miles on the bumpy and dusty road without seeing any Pronghorn, we turned around and headed back towards Gardiner and the Yellowstone park entrance.  About half way back, just as we were starting to give up hope of finding any Pronghorn, Kathy spotted this solitary male Pronghorn having his dinner about 100 yards off of the road.

It definitely turned out to be worth the dusty trip on the gravel road as we were able to stop and photograph the Pronghorn for about 20 minutes with no one else anywhere nearby!

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