Gardiner Pronghorn

A Pronghorn in Gardiner, MT just outside Yellowstone National Park
Pronghorn in Gardiner, MT

I’m going back through some images that I shot two years ago in and around Yellowstone National Park.  An animal that I was fascinated by and had not seen in person before this trip is the pronghorn.  Although often referred to as an antelope because of the similarity in features, pronghorn are actually not antelopes.

This pronghorn was grazing in a field in Gardiner, Montana and I was able to photograph it for around twenty minutes.  As long as I didn’t get too close (I was using a 300mm telephoto lens for these shots) the pronghorn pretty much just ignored me.

I hope to get the chance to photograph pronghorn again near Yellowstone or one of the other areas where they are common, such as the Badlands National Park in South Dakota.  These animals are incredibly fast – they can run at speeds nearing 60 miles per hour – and I would love to get some shots of them in motion.

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