Puget Sound Orcas

Orca Whales off the San Juan Islands
Orca Whales

One of the more fun day trips that you can do from the Seattle area is a whale watching cruise.  I recently cruised with Mystic Sea Charters out of Anacortes, Washington, and we were lucky enough to see quite a few Orca whales (also called Killer Whales) in the waters around the nearby San Juan iIands.  The photo above shows two Orcas which surfaced fairly close to the boat and provided a great opportunity to snap some photos.

A seal on the shoreline in the San Juan Islands
Lots of Seals!

In addition to the Orca whales, there is also the opportunity to see a variety of other wildlife and birds, including seals, sea lions and bald eagles.  The photo above shows a seal that was checking us out as we drifted by the shore of a small island.

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