Nooksack Bald Eagles

A Bald Eagle lands on the bank of the Nooksack river near Demming, Washington.
The Eagle Has Landed

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Every year in January and February, migrating bald eagles congregate in northwest Washington state to feast on spawning salmon.  This provides some great eagle photography opportunities. These photos were taken a few days ago on the Nooksack River, where at least thirty eagles could be seen at one time.  The eagles hang out in the nearby trees and then periodically swoop down on the river to grab a salmon.

A Bald Eagle standing on a salmon on the Nooksack River in northwest Washington state.
An Eagle With a Salmon

It is an amazing thing to see that many eagles at one time flying overhead, or in some cases right in front of you.  There are also some interesting scuffles as the eagles fight with each other for a salmon.

A Bald Eagle in flight over the Nooksack River in northwest Washington state.
A Bald Eagle Flyby

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  1. Great photos, Mike. Let’s see some more!

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