Happy Valentine’s Day! A Bald Eagle Pair

A Pair of Bald Eagles In a Tree
A Bald Eagle Pair

Happy Valentine’s Day!  In honor of Valentine’s Day here is a photo of a pair of bald eagles that I came across recently and spent some time photographing. I frequently see this pair of eagles flying together or solo over the waterfront in Edmonds, Washington.

I have also seen the same eagle pair on the breakwater in the Edmonds marina, which sits below the hill where this tree is located, and in fact saw them one day together on the breakwater with a juvenile eagle that I am assuming is their offspring.  The two adults were sitting pretty close together on the breakwater and the juvenile eagle came swooping in and landed next to one of the adults.

Adult and juvenile bald eagles.
Adult Bald Eagle with a Juvenile Bald Eagle on Edmonds Breakwater

The picture above is of one of the adult bald eagles on the Edmonds breakwater along with the juvenile bald eagle.

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