Seabirds: Pigeon Guillemot

Pigeon Guillemot in breeding plumage on the waterfront in Edmonds, Washington.
Pigeon Guillemot in Breeding Plumage

The Pigeon Guillemot is a diving seabird that is a member of the family alcidae, the same family as auklets and puffins. These birds can be seen year-round in the Puget Sound region, although they are more common in the winter. I took these photos this past week off of the fishing pier in the marina in Edmonds, Washington. It is interesting to note that the birds have already transitioned to their breeding plumage in early February.  Spring must be on the way!

Two Pigeon Guillemots on the waterfront in Edmonds, Washington.
Two Pigeon Guillemots

Photos taken with Nikon D7100 camera and 80-400mm lens.

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