Another Snowy Owl Encounter In Edmonds, Washington

Snowy Owl on a Roof in Edmonds, Washington
A Snowy Owl Visitor

A story that was published on the website in late November included some photographs of and a story about my encounter with a Snowy Owl that visited my town of Edmonds, Washington – spending several days sitting on the breakwater in the harbor and then moving on.

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This morning I had an encounter with another Snowy Owl in downtown Edmonds when it flew over my car with a pack of crows in hot pursuit.  After flying  past me, the owl landed on a nearby roof top and I was able to stop and get some photographs of it.  Unfortunately it was a very cloudy and gray day so there isn’t a very nice background for the photos and the owl’s perch is the roof of someone’s house, rather than a nice log or tree, but it was still great to get some photographs of the owl.

Snowy Owl on a roof top in Edmonds, WA.
Another Shot of the Snowy Owl

I definitely consider myself lucky to have had two unexpected encounters with Snowy Owls in the past month, and in both cases only about a mile from my house in a part of the world where these owls are pretty rare!  I can’t get enough of these wonderful owls.

Photographs taken with Nikon D7000 Camera and Nikon AF-S 300mm f/4D lens with 1.4X Teleconverter.

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  1. I’ve seen the Snowies twice in Edmonds, it’s such a thrill. You got MUCH better pictures than I was able to get. Very nice!

    1. Thanks Kristi, glad you enjoyed the photos and glad that you have seen the birds too – definitely a thrill!

  2. What a great picture. I got to see them in a Ballard neighborhood on Jan 1 and Jan 2. Love them.

    1. Thanks Suzanne – glad you liked the picture!

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