A Cooper’s Hawk on a Sunny Day

Cooper's Hawk at the Edmonds Marsh
Cooper’s Hawk Catching Some Sun

This weekend I encountered this hawk (I believe it is a Cooper’s Hawk) basking in the afternoon sun in a tree high above the Edmonds Marsh.  The hawk sat there for about ten minutes scanning the horizon, while I quickly set up my tripod and took a number of photographs.  The hawk then swooped down out of the tree into the marsh below, I assume having spotted lunch.

One of the things that I really love about my interest in wildlife photography is that it is getting me outside more often to observe and enjoy the wonderful things in nature, such as this beautiful bird.  I have lived in Edmonds, WA for over twenty years, and until I recently started getting out to take bird photographs, had no idea of the wide variety of birds and animals that live less than five minutes from my house, and in some cases in my own backyard!

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