Surf Scoters

Surf Scoters on waterfront - Edmonds, WA
Surf Scoters on A Sunny Morning

One of my favorite local places to take bird photographs is from the public fishing pier in Edmonds, WA where I live.  There are often a variety of interesting birds and ducks that can be viewed and photographed from the pier.  Several days ago on an unusually bright and sunny winter day here in the Pacific Northwest there was a large group of Surf Scoters swimming near the fishing pier and I snapped these photographs.

Surf Scoters are seaducks that are resident on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts during the winter months.  Here on the Pacific coast, they breed on lakes in Alaska and northern Canada, but winter along the coast from Alaska to California.

Male Surf Scoter
Male Surf Scoter

To learn more about Surf Scoters use the link below to visit the Audubon web site:

Surf Scoter Detailed Information

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