Red Crossbill Near Edmonds Marsh

Female Red Crossbill at Edmonds Marsh
Female Red Crossbill at Edmonds Marsh

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Yesterday afternoon I photographed a new species for me, the Red Crossbill, near the Edmonds Marsh.  A flock of the birds was in an evergreen tree near the entrance on the North side of the Marsh.  I was surprised how close the birds let me get to the tree that they were in, and that along with a 400mm telephoto lens resulted in some good closeups of the birds!

Male Red Crossbill at Edmonds Marsh
Male Red Crossbill

The crossed mandibles of these birds’ beaks are especially interesting.  According to the Audubon guide this results in beaks that are specialized for opening pine cones, which as you can see in the top photo is exactly what these birds were doing when photographed.

Male Red Crossbill
Male Red Crossbill Near Edmonds Marsh

Photographs taken with Nikon D7000 and Nikon 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 ED VR lens.

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  1. Mike, Great photos, I really enjoyed them, Jud

    1. Thanks Jud! I am glad you enjoyed the photos of the Red Crossbills.

  2. Wonderful photos, Mike. Thanks for sharing them.
    Saw your post on Tweeters; thanks also for posting your links – I’m seriously considering a Snowy Owl photo tour with Aaron.

    1. Thanks Catherine – glad you enjoyed the photos. I just did another tour with Aaron last week (bald eagle tour) and it was great, as of course was the Snowy Owl tour. Mike

    1. Thanks Mary. I appreciate the feedback and am glad you enjoyed the photos! Mike

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